What happens when we fall in love?

As a result of certain stimula, the hypothalamus releases powerful discharge of endorphins. 

But why exactly that woman, or that man? 

Is there a release of odorless fairamaus that correspond to a complementary genetic signal? Or is it the physical features that we recognize? A mother’s eyes? A smell that stimulates a happy memory? Is love part of a plan? A vast war plan between two modes of reproduction? 

Bacteria and viruses are asexual organisms. With each cell division, each multiplication, they mutate and perfect themselves much more quickly than we do. 

Against this, we respond with the most fearsome weapon: sex. Two individuals, by mixing their genes, shuffle the cards and create an individual who resist viruses better the more the similar he or she is. 

Are we unknowing participants in a war between two modes of reproduction? 

  July 05, 2011 at 10:03pm
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